YouTube Just Gave Me a Strike...

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Markiplier - 17 dager siden
YouTube has responded to us on Twitter. The videos are re-instated, YouTube admitted to their mistake, and even publicly apologized! There's obviously other problems that remain but this is a good first step in the right direction!
Cosmic86 - 11 dager siden
Oh thank goodness!!
Cutekitty858 - 13 dager siden
Good, keep standing up for tinier channels who try to speak out against unjust actions by youtube but who are ignored or doubled down on their punishment!!!!!!
AwllyPolly AS
AwllyPolly AS - 17 dager siden
FZT - 17 dager siden
Nicholas A
Nicholas A - 17 dager siden
Peter Keyson
Peter Keyson - 7 minutter siden
welcome to NWO
ShadowRocks2 - 10 minutter siden
yo, first thiang u see on yt now when u type spongebob XD
MidniightMuffin - 27 minutter siden
Markiplier gets a strike and yet people like Onision are still on the platform.
Dream_ Stans
Dream_ Stans - 6 minutter siden
Fucking Karen
Chris P. _____Tweety____ Bacon
Mickey Mouse and Spongebob Attack RUSSIAN Driver originally recorded in 2014. Youtube is hitting its biggest channels?? A bunch of furries in traffic scrumming in Russia.да, боевые действия в россии
It's_Gacha_Brody - Time siden
Okay but is no one gonna talk about how mark made a mcr reference
max williams
max williams - 3 timer siden
conspiracy theory....karen works on YouTube.
Lil Jet Gaming
Lil Jet Gaming - 5 timer siden
Mark: plays horror games that has Graphic Scenes.
Youtube: That's okay :)
Mark: Shows family friendly characters beating up someone.
Youtube: >:(
Emma Louise Hind
Emma Louise Hind - 5 timer siden
Half asleep watching this and the "JUST DON'T LISTEN" bit made me jump so hard I dropped my phone 😄
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - 7 timer siden
Markiplier: YouTube: Mark is sus. vote him. Markipoo was not An Imposor.
Issa Gang g
Issa Gang g - 8 timer siden
I wish marky was my dad 😂
spnplayz - 8 timer siden
It’s still there?
zijuiy wttuy
zijuiy wttuy - 7 timer siden
I came here after penguinz0's video
Jiaqi Zhao
Jiaqi Zhao - 8 timer siden
I bet markplier ain't gonna get anymore popular if they do this to him he won't be so funny anymore people like me here is because of his sense of humor i mean it's what 26million people likes i mean what ur problem are you stupid youtube? You want to do something *UR GREAT CUSTOMERS DON'T WANT!?!?!?!?!*
Jiaqi Zhao
Jiaqi Zhao - 8 timer siden
Yes yes i know it's not the swear it's the violence well i mean swear is also a type of violence right? XD
Jiaqi Zhao
Jiaqi Zhao - 8 timer siden
No.1 getting over it with bennet foddy 2. Pogostuck also an inappropriate content in other ways (not violence) his video: chair fucking simulator...
Perseus Love
Perseus Love - 11 timer siden
I laughed so hard when you were describing the video. 😂😂😂😂😂
Phujohn Nguyen
Phujohn Nguyen - 11 timer siden
Galacticcore 07
Galacticcore 07 - 12 timer siden
‘🎵Frick the algorithm 🎵’
Brian Abraham
Brian Abraham - 12 timer siden
Yeah see I just heard that you said that we clearly watch the same video every time and I could be watching the same video he made right now and have no problem with it. Yeah mark, I'm on your side because what you are saying totally makes sense.
gary gary
gary gary - 13 timer siden
Ya what about the originals why do people taking note of get yelled at its not far
J8DLPT Channel
J8DLPT Channel - 13 timer siden
Its not just you who happened that . it happen to me too but way harsher. youtube completely banned it without giving an explicit reason or which video it might been and im still unclue whats wrong with them
Alex - 16 timer siden
I don't have any idea why YouTube described that clip as "graphic"
rebecca xx
rebecca xx - 17 timer siden
Same with Deji
Thoughtless Inanimaton
Thoughtless Inanimaton - 18 timer siden
How could this wholesome, beloved youtubeman endorse mild violence? Oh me oh my it's almost like he has approximately 1 hundred episodes of Happy Wheels, where he openly endorses extremely violent content which is sometimes aimed towards small children.
Shafkat Ctg
Shafkat Ctg - 19 timer siden
my mind repeating: 500 hours of content every da.......fuck me minute
82 years of content every day.
well taht seems a bit much
Bethany equestrian
Bethany equestrian - 19 timer siden
So . Just to clarify it was the video of a bunch of guys ganging up on someone in a van correct ?
Goose with a knife.
Goose with a knife. - 19 timer siden
Goose with a knife.
Goose with a knife. - 19 timer siden
edit" thanks for 2 lik
Raccoon Playz
Raccoon Playz - 19 timer siden
I came here after penguinz0's video
The Real Jeff Spicoli
The Real Jeff Spicoli - 21 time siden
YouTube: Mark is sus. vote him.
_Markipoo was not An Imposor._
TVretardation - Dag siden
Is he Keanu Reeves's abandoned son?
Jocelyn Alcocer
Jocelyn Alcocer - Dag siden
Youtube is kinda goofed. They are really mehhhhh. They need to agree on what is good or bad overall
Jakoby Molina
Jakoby Molina - Dag siden
Lmao im so dead good job u tube
Arin Blackheart
Arin Blackheart - Dag siden
-unrelated but I'm totally waiting on the official podcast episode with him--
But this whole situation is ridiculous.
Pixel Pup
Pixel Pup - Dag siden
Mark literally trying to be passive aggressive but we all know he's pissed off
Yash Uday Singh
Yash Uday Singh - Dag siden
When you take a flying arrow in your ass
Ben & Jerrys Frozen Dairy Products
“the moist man” 😭
Wrecking Gamer TV
Wrecking Gamer TV - Dag siden
its till up what you mean
Yukoru 212
Yukoru 212 - Dag siden
finally someone can find out what is happening
Cayla Curiel
Cayla Curiel - Dag siden
Bro how the heck can they do that after 4 whole years. And they said it was violent are you serious there are more violent fricking videos out there.
Charming nowhere to hide
should parents and their children. My opinion.
Lish Meow
Lish Meow - Dag siden
Mark you have such a big heart!!! I love how you stand up for this stuff!